Agent Nikki Kress - Realtor

Since getting my Real Estate license in 2013, I haven't looked back! Getting to join in a partnership with clients is my passion as I am able to give back to our military, work with buyers to find their dream home, handing full price offers to sellers, and relocating America! My partnership with ERA Grizzard allows me to have all the tools for me to help you accomplish your goals, so hire me, the agent who will help you make it happen. Call today and let me be your agent for life!

My Homebody Homestead

My Homebody Homestead is a small but growing poultry farm located in DeBary FL. It all began with a little boy who became a picky eater over night, but still loved eggs! So we started with 8 hens, just for our own eggs, and the passion for self sustainability was born. 

I continue to build this passion into a fully operational farm, where I can offer happy and healthy birds to other homesteaders who want the same sustainable life. I also want to share what I've learned and all the resources that are out there, so I can hopefully save a new backyard chicken tender some of the headaches and heart aches I've had to experience along the way.

I believe in raising them all in a natural environment, where they are outside everyday free ranging, doing what chickens love to do. No cages, just plenty of space to breath fresh air and eat what nature intended them to eat. I provide good quality feed everyday, but most of the time they just look at it, and then take off to hunt for what they really want. We want to provide the best quality lives for our birds and growing farm so that we can live, learn, and educate sustainability.


Rooster Refuge of Central Florida

It became apparent when hatching out chicks, that more often than not, those sweet little ones turn out to be roosters. On our farm, we have a soft spot for all animals, but especially sweet roos. Through this discovery, the creation of Rooster Refuge came to be! Luckily, we discovered that there are others that share our love for roos and want to add these sweet protectors to their flocks.

Through this journey, we have discovered that many chicken lovers like ourselves face the same problem we have. Whether the chicks come from the feed store or home-hatched, it always ends up to having more roosters than hens or a rooster when you are guaranteed hens. This leaves family members heartbroken at the thought of having to re-home their feathered family members. That is where we come in, determined to find amazing homes and forever flocks for these boys. We can only hope to give our fellow chicken tenders relief and piece of mind that their beloved roos are going to good homes.